Pek Preservino metal gift box CellarDine retail box

Pek Preservino metal gift box CellarDine retail box

Locks in Freshness for 2 Weeks

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Preservino Wine Preservation System

The Preservino preserves the flavour and aroma of opened bottles of wine for 2 weeks. Now you can open multiple bottles at one time allowing you to pair different wines and foods for your family and guests and never waste a drop. The Preservino uses 100% high purity Argon gas to perfectly preserve your wine. Argon gas is the same gas used during wine production. Experts agree that Argon gas is the most effective method for preserving wine and that it will not affect the flavour of wine. Now you can savour your favourite wines by the glass, anytime – always at the peak of freshness.

“A test by the Chicago Sun Times noted that the wine stays fresh for more than two weeks!” Chicago Sun Times

“The Pek System is FAR AND AWAY the best thing I’ve used to preserve wine. My tasting room staff is happy, because the Pek System keeps our wines fresh and delicious.” 

Dennis De La Montanya Winery

“…the untreated bottles were tired, and the taste had degraded, while the bottles that were treated with the Pek Preservino had the same freshness as when they were first opened.” Ray Johnson, Assistant Director of S.F. Chronicle Wine Competition and Author of ‘The Good Life Guide to Enjoying Wine”

Wine preservation made simple:

Install the Specialized Preservino® Stopper

1. Insert Preservino® Stopper into OPEN wine bottle, seat snugly, then twist cap to the open position. Stopper lets Argon gas in and air out.

Inject 100% High-Purity Argon Gas

2. Fit nozzle of Injector into Stopper port and depress trigger to inject Argon gas. Argon forces air from bottle and inhibits oxidisation.

Store your wine with confidence

3. Remove Injector from Stopper and twist cap to CLOSE. Wine is preserved for two weeks. Full cartridge services up to 15 bottles of wine.

“Perfect gift for the Wine Lover”

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