Intelligent Ice balls

Intelligent Ice balls

Developed to actively chill drinks and keep them cool without diluting the drink. The design incorporates a unique clip which can attach either an ice ball or cube without using fingertips to be inserted into the glass – a clever and ingenious ‘chill by the glass’ system.

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The Intelligent Ice is a superb gift and all year round product. Available pre-packed in a CDU with 6 Chill Balls and 6 clips per case, the Intelligent Ice is a must have gift that we are confident will generate superb sales and press coverage for our customers:

  • Chills drinks in 10 mins.
  • Keeps drinks cool for 45 mins.
  • Will not dilute the alcohol
  • Stays in one place in the glass to avoid chocking hazard.
  • Fully tested and UK certified.
  • Pre packed in a freezable tray.
  • Takes up very little space in the freezer.
  • Perfect for home entertaining, BBQs or picnics.
  • Safe and easy to use!!


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