Flexicles Bottle Chiller and Lever Action Corkscrew NEW

Flexicles Bottle Chiller and Lever Action Corkscrew NEW

A Unique All year round Gift Set, comprising a Stainless Steel Lever Corkscrew and Flexicles Bottle Chiller.

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This special gift set is an ideal present for the ultimate wine enthusiast as it consists of a superb quality stainless steel Lever corkscrew and white wine bottle chiller, in addition this set includes a spare worm for the corkscrew plus a foil cuter for removing foil from the tops of wine bottles.

  1. The Lever corkscrew will remove all traditional corks, synthetic and foam corks from the bottle even flanged neck bottles.
  2. The Flexicles bottle chiller will actively chill warm bottles in 5 minutes and keep then cold for 5 hours, simply retain in the freezer until required, simple and easy to use.
  3. Available in a superb full colour gift box with magnetic fastening.
  4. Compact set made from high quality materials, bottle chiller design unique to this set.
  5. Gift set packaging is bi lingual.


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