Creating Innovation

We take pride in obtaining independent
certification for testing quality, performance
and materials used.


CellarDine UK Limited is an international business spending a significant amount of time and investment in designing and developing new Innovation. In order to protect our customers and products from being imitated we patent and trademark where possible each item in addition to being members of ACID – Anti Copying in Design.

ACID are a legal organisation who protect our intellectual property from a patent, trademark and design registration point of view. The ACID logo appears on all of our stationary / packaging / exhibition stands. The ACID team visits all our international trade/consumer shows to protect our products from being imitated and will enforce our rights if infringed. The company’s policy is to protect our investment and we will ensure our customers are provided with the best quality and served with original and genuine CellarDine products.

Designing a new product that is truly innovative takes many years to develop, products such as the Rouge 02 wine breather and the Therm au Rouge red wine sleeve took 3 and 4 years respectively.

We take pride in obtaining independent certification for testing quality, performance and materials used, all of which are updated periodically. Independent test houses are used to verify the certificates both UK and overseas.

As a family business we design both product and packaging internally by hand, whilst this process takes time it allows us to see very clearly how the products are developed stage by stage. The end result being a fully tried and tested product ready for the open market.

Finally when considering developing a product I always look at it from a consumers point of view, “Do I really need this product” is it functional and good value? Remember – If it is simple and easy to use – it has probably taken years to develop!


Below are some hand drawings of the Rouge 02 stainless steel wine breather in its process of development, hand drawn by my father in law Trevor Bell. I would also like to thank Trevor for the coloured instruction boxes on the reverse of the original Therm au Rouge retail pack, without this help the item would have been delayed upon launch back in 2001.