Flexicles Bottle Chiller

Flexicles Bottle Chiller

Chills warm wine, water or any 750ml bottle in 5 minutes and stays cold for up to 5 hours. Perfect for in and outdoor use and ideal for barbeques and summer entertaining.

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The Flexicles bottle chiller is a flexible sleeve that can be stores in the freezer until required; it has a inner removable sleeve that can also be used for lunch boxes and picnics bags making it ideal for Spring Summer and as a perfect father’s day or Christmas gift: 

  • The Flexicles Bottle chiller will keep a consistent cool temperature for 5 hours.
  • Chills warm bottle in five minutes to cold.
  • Can be used on all 750 cl bottles.
  • Has an attractive PVC outer sleeve design and a separate inner mat which can be used for lunch boxes or picnic bags.
  • Perfect for in door and out door entertainment.
  • Available with a full colour gift box.



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